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In the hope of being able to share information with distant relatives, Dorothy and Alistair Fraser have placed some of their genealogy here, starting with their great-grandparents and proceeding back as far as is known. They are happy to correspond with anyone who has further information on these folks or can push the records back further. Although not posted, Dorothy and Alistair have information on some colateral lines down into this century.



These are the starting points for moving back through our various lines.

AGNEW, George & Mary Ann WEBSTER

BISSON, Daniel & Amélie BAUDAINS

FRASER, Richard & Christian Ferguson CARMICHAEL

FRAZER, Robert & Louisa Jane HURDMAN

[KIRVESMÄKI], Henrik Mattsson & Christina Mattsdotter [NÄRE-AHO]

[LINNA], Matts Mattson & Caisa Greta Eriksdotter [KOIVUKOSKI]

OIKARI, Johan Victor & Emma Maria OLANKO

PIETILÄINEN, Juho Påhlsson & Erika (Riikka) Mattsdotter TOURULA



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Index A listing of surnames and first names which appear at this site.

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