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Ephraim Webster


About this document
• The Ephraim Webster discussed here is the father of the Asa Webster who is the focus of this site.
• For a listing of family members see Ephraim’s family card
• This document was written in 1847 by Henry, Ephraim’s son by his second marriage. Henry is, thus, Asa’s younger half brother.

• The history of the document itself is interesting. Written by Henry Webster in 1847, it was copied by hand by his grandson, Henry Willard Webster in 1908. That copy was retained by Henry’s great-great-great-great granddaughter, Mrs. Bobbi Pond of Vermont.

In 1992 a copy of the account was procured from Mrs. Pond through her niece, an acquaintance of Susan Rudmin LeTourneau, daughter of Josephine Webster Rudmin and Dr. Joseph Rudmin. Josephine Webster Rudmin is a great, great granddaughter of Asa, also is a sister of Laura Webster Mekkelson then who typed out the 38 handwritten pages of the original and began making it available to other family members.

In 1999, Caronne Secord scanned the typed version into a character recognition program and sent the result to this site to be posted. In less than a decade, it went from an obscure document known only to a few, to an item posted on the Web and available to all.

• Items in the document which are presented in square brackets, e.g., [Ephraim], are editorial insertions for clarity and are not found in the original. Further, some names have been made bold so that they will more easily serve as sign posts.

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