Compiled by

Scott Williams & Alistair B. Fraser

with a supporting cast of thousands of
Web surfing pipers around the globe

Last update:
Feb. 5, 2001


What is this about?

This site lists and comments upon many movies in which bagpipes appear.

Redesign: In February 2001, this site underwent its first major redesign in six years. Previously, the movies were listed on one endlessly scrolling Web document.

However: The site now requires JavaScript (for the navigation chaser). Further, formatting is improved with Cascading Style Sheets.

You’re kidding, right?

Nope, but if you asked that question, you don't want to proceed further. However, if you are a piper, this list was created for you: it is presented for the delectation of pipers everywhere. It is fun to see how one’s favorite instrument and music is portrayed through the popular medium of film; it is also chastening to see how often the characterization is derisive and the representation is botched, or both.


The movies are grouped alphabetically. Click on a letter in the navigation bar in the left margin.


If anyone wishes to add any details, correct any misinformation, or supply any missing titles, please do so. Updates to the page are made sporadically (usually between semesters), so don't become discouraged if there has been no immediate response. It will get done. Make the subject of the message, Movies, and send it to .

Site history

The initial list of movies was compiled by Scott Williams. Since early 1995, it has been maintained and extended by  Alistair B. Fraser .